Strategic Organizational and Conservation Consulting



  • Board Composition
  • Board Structure
  • Board Engagement
  • Board Responsibilities
  • Board/Staff Working Together
  • Board Evaluation

Isn’t it nice when board members, after a highly productive meeting, join hands and voices in a rousing rendition of “Kumbaya?” OK, so maybe that’s not a realistic picture, but it’s an achievable goal for an organization that makes the commitment and dedicates the resources needed to build an effective, engaged board.
Getting the right people on the board, creating an effective governance structure, having a shared vision for leadership and working cooperatively are the keys to an effective board and organization. Just like on any good team, each player has a particular role to play and the goals of the team supersede the goals of the individual. And, while each team member brings certain skills, talents, and commitment, those contributions need to be cultivated in a strategic and meaningful way for maximum impact or results. The board development experts at MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES can help turn the dream of “Kumbaya” into a reality.



"The strategic planning process MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES designed provided an opportunity to engage the other Chapters, our volunteers and our supporters. We now have a plan to guide the organization for the future. As the Executive Director, I have used the plan to create my annual work plan and I’m working with the board committees to create their annual plan. All of this will keep us headed toward our strategic goals."
– Chris, the Prairie Enthusiasts