Strategic Organizational and Conservation Consulting




How do you find funders whose philanthropic goals match your organization’s work?  Once you do find a great fit, how do you get your proposal to the top of the pile? Finding grant funding and getting proposals out the door can be challenging for already time- and staff-limited non-profit organizations. Our team uses the top of the line Foundation Directory Online - Professional Level database to identify the best fitting foundations for clients; streamlines the application process; contact foundations directly when necessary; and helps clients maximize their chances of success with the experience of successful grant application strategies.

"The strategic planning process MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES designed provided an opportunity to engage the other Chapters, our volunteers and our supporters. We now have a plan to guide the organization for the future. As the Executive Director, I have used the plan to create my annual work plan and I’m working with the board committees to create their annual plan. All of this will keep us headed toward our strategic goals."
– Chris, the Prairie Enthusiasts