Strategic Organizational and Conservation Consulting



  • Strategic Planning
  • Annual Planning
  • Transition & Succession Planning
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Board Evaluation
  • Assessing Your Organization (AYO) for Land Trusts
  • Land Trust Accreditation Preparation


Imagine a world in which all of us are operating at 100% effectiveness, 100% of the time. It’s a nice dream, but not a common reality. The good news? MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES offers a broad range of proven strategies and specific tactics that help organizations become more efficient, effective, and, ultimately, successful. Charting a strategic course is essential for any successful organization. It means that the organization knows where it is going, directs resources according to top priorities, and evaluates whether or not it is fulfilling its mission.

MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES guides clients in identifying desired outcomes and developing the right plan to achieve those outcomes. Whether undertaking a long-term strategic plan, an organizational assessment, or a board evaluation, the firm’s expertise in planning and evaluation helps organizations build on their strengths and capitalize on their assets. The team helps organizations prepare for change, growth, and new initiatives, and guides organizations in developing a common understanding and vision to boldly face the future.



"The strategic planning process MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES designed provided an opportunity to engage the other Chapters, our volunteers and our supporters. We now have a plan to guide the organization for the future. As the Executive Director, I have used the plan to create my annual work plan and I’m working with the board committees to create their annual plan. All of this will keep us headed toward our strategic goals."
– Chris, the Prairie Enthusiasts