Strategic Organizational and Conservation Consulting




Forget the Information Age. We might as well call this the Overload Age. Most organizations are struggling with how to shape their stories, break through the clutter, and connect with constituents in ways that are relevant, engaging, and inspire action.


Which social channels should we be using? Where can we find our top target audiences? Which magic words might strike the bullseye? If these questions sound familiar but the answers aren’t clear, the strategic communications services offered by MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES can help steer an organization’s communications efforts in the direction of consistent, concise and compelling. Whether planning how to celebrate a major milestone, going through a complete rebranding effort, or simply sharing news on a social site, the firm’s expertise helps groups rise above the noise and, most importantly, to connect with target audiences on a more meaningful level.



"The strategic planning process MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES designed provided an opportunity to engage the other Chapters, our volunteers and our supporters. We now have a plan to guide the organization for the future. As the Executive Director, I have used the plan to create my annual work plan and I’m working with the board committees to create their annual plan. All of this will keep us headed toward our strategic goals."
– Chris, the Prairie Enthusiasts