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What are you attached to?

Sara Wilson, CPCC |  On my recent trip to Africa, what began as a simple act of generosity turned into a surprisingly strong mental challenge that made me reflect on attachment. We can be attached to things, people, our self perceptions, the list goes on and on. It turns out my attachment was to a […]

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A Certified Professional Coach!

Sara Wilson, CPCC – Co-Active Training Institute |  Spring 2019 Sara received her professional coaching certification from the Co-Active Training Institute, which is a global leader in training coaches. The Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation Sara received is the most rigorous and respected in the industry. The program Sara completed consists of several hundred […]

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MAYES | WILSON office wins Mayor’s Design Award

In partnership with MMSD, National Wildlife Federation, City of Milwaukee | Sara Wilson’s commercial and residential property the “Bike Path Building” which houses the offices of MAYES│WILSON and her residence was one of 18 properties recognized by the 2015 Mayor’s Design Awards for contributing to the built environment within the city of Milwaukee. The former […]

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Capell Interviewed for Digital Nomad Podcast

Julie Whelan Capell |   The next time you are driving around in your car or washing dishes, you might want to tune in to the Nomadtopia Radio podcast to hear about Julie’s adventures with location independence. Since late 2017, Julie has been experimenting with life as a digital nomad.  For anyone not familiar with […]

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