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Mayes Wilson & Associates

We work with Executive Directors, Board Leaders and Individuals at times of transformation, when you are facing challenges or when everything is going well and you want to Be More.

Associated Certified Coach badge from ICF

Work with us as an organization, an individual, or both.

We provide solutions to tough organizational and team problems.

We help you embrace and
manage change.

We coach you in your journey to “Be More”.

20 Years Solving Client Challenges 20 Years

41% of Clients rehire us for multiple projects 41% of Clients rehire us for multiple projects

Credentialed Dependable Creative Credentialed, Dependable, Creative

Clients Say

“MWA came at a very critical juncture for us, where it was either grow or stop here…. and with MWA’s guidance, we’ve achieved that foundation of sustainability for growth.”


“We hired MAYES|WILSON again because of their enthusiasm, knowledge of nonprofits, character, reputation, and our past experience working with them was very positive.”


“ MWA was always available, followed up on their work, and were great people to work with.  I have already recommended them to other groups.”


We will not share your information