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Change as a resilience strategy for leaders and teams

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | Normal. In the last couple of years there hasn’t been much normalcy. COVID forced us to change professionally and personally. My clients frequently say they are having trouble going back to “normal.” It’s not unusual for there to be comfort in the past. But please don’t put your leadership or […]

Take a chance with online giving days

Julie Whelan Capell | When you hear about online giving days, your mind may immediately go to #GivingTuesday. This national event occurs annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. But now, many other giving days are popping up throughout the year, usually organized by local foundations or United Ways. A couple of months ago, the Land […]

What choice will you make today?

I am writing today with my Certified Coaching Hat fully on!  Almost every executive I have spoken to recently is burned out and tired. Same for staff. Assume that someone on your team is feeling this way. They may become irritable more quickly, feel anxious and overwhelmed. Research tells us that our brain is a […]

Throw your board agenda out the window

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | Have you tried implementing any of the suggestions from my recent blog: Is your board stuck in the weeds?  Another tool that can foster high level board discussion is the board meeting agenda. I hear the rumbles of “I can’t change the board agenda, we’ve been doing it the same […]

11 ways to be a green fundraiser

Julie Whelan Capell |  To celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, I was given the challenge of thinking about how to make fundraising more earth-friendly. At first, I wasn’t sure I could come up with even one idea. Then I did some research and asked some of my trusted development colleagues, who shared a bunch […]

It takes one step

To make a change you have to take ONE Step. Wow, that sounds so easy and yet we get tripped up in taking the one step. Why? Insecurity, saboteurs, fear . . the list of reasons we think we can’t take the step can be long. To help you get unstuck and poised to take […]

Is your Board stuck in the weeds?

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC |  Are you a board member or executive director of a board that frequently gets in the weeds? Board meetings should primarily focus on governance level matters. It can be challenging, though: balancing big picture and detail-oriented thinkers, keeping conversations from going down a “rabbit-hole,” and a myriad of other issues […]

Are your donation reply cards secure?

Julie Whelan Capell | When was the last time you thought about the payment security of your organization’s fundraising tools? For decades, nonprofits have sent out donation response cards. We’ve all seen them: a card where donors can write their credit card information that they return via the US Postal Service. I’ve never heard of […]

Do your decisions make a difference?

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | It’s the everyday decisions that count. My mother gave me that life advice. At the time I didn’t realize the profoundness of the wisdom she was sharing. Small decisions, big impact One small but big impact decision I have to make daily is whether to hold time on my calendar […]

4 things fundraisers should stop doing in 2022

Julie Whelan Capell | I’m a sucker for all those “trend” articles that come out at the beginning of the year, but they always leave me wondering who has time to do all the new things we’re supposed to be doing? The answer is, stop doing something. But what? Here are some ideas to get […]

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