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What Does a Dynamic Duo Have to do with Your Nonprofit Board?

Sara Wilson, CPCC | Often, the roles of board president and executive director are described in terms of how they are different, with the board president focused on the future and the executive director focused on daily organizational management and program implementation. But ideally, these two individuals act as a Dynamic Duo.  Together they are tasked […]

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Developing and Supporting Southeast Wisconsin’s Nonprofit Leaders

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management | In September of 2019 the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management, of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee expanded its effort to support nonprofit leadership development through an Executive Leadership Development Circle and a Senior Management Leaders Circle. Sara will utilize her expertise in organizational […]

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Achieving Work-Life Balance

Sara Wilson, CPCC | Nonprofit leaders I work with frequently say that finding work-life balance is a continual challenge. Leaders often know the benefits of creating more equilibrium for themselves and their organizations, but often work 50+ hours per week and find it hard to disconnect even when away from the office. How do we create balance […]

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What Kind of Leader Are You?

Sara Wilson, CPCC |   What defines a good leader? My definition, I realized during the recent conference “Rethinking Leadership” at UW, Madison, has evolved. At one time, I identified a leader as someone who was out in front, issued directives, enforced implementation, disciplined, and provided rewards. But, as I have worked with a range of organizations and leadership […]

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