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Inclusive hiring for the development team

Julie Whelan Capell | After reading Sara’s excellent three-part series on equitable hiring practices I realized there was more to say, specifically related to inclusive hiring for the development team. Anyone who’s been in fundraising for more than a minute or two knows that most fundraisers are white. In fact, in 2019, only about 13% […]

Creating a more inclusive and equitable hiring process (Part Three)

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC |  For this third and final installment in my blog series on creating a more inclusive and equitable hiring process, I want to explore unconscious bias. In part 1 of this series, I discussed designing an inclusive and equitable hiring process, including who to involve, questions to ask about your organization’s […]

DEI recruiting

Creating a more inclusive and equitable hiring process (Part Two)

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | In this second installment in my blog series on creating a more inclusive and equitable hiring process, I examine the recruiting phase. Although I’m not an HR professional, I’m always learning and want to share what may be new ideas for some readers. I am confident our mutual desire is […]

Creating a more inclusive and equitable hiring process (Part One)

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | In 2021 some nonprofits reported up to a 30% vacancy in positions.* Are you experiencing staff changes? If so, you will be designing your hiring process. I encourage you develop a transparent and inclusive process–from who is involved to including a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) lens to guide the process. […]

nonprofit staff mid-year goal review

How to not dread your mid-year goal review

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | Who likes a celebration? Me too! So, lets talk about your mid-year goal review. Surprised you, didn’t I? Were you expecting something on events, a party, appreciating your employees? I’m actually going to talk about all of that. Goals are a reason to celebrate and show appreciation. It’s really easy […]

6 ways leaders can prepare for staff changes

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | It’s spring and as an avid gardener I’m thinking about seasonal changes and starting to tend my garden. How are you tending to your organization in anticipation of inevitable staff changes? Pause just for a minute. If your mindset was that staff changes could actually benefit your organization and were […]

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“Focusing Board Energy: Out of the Weeds, On to Big Ideas”

Land Trust Alliance, Ask the Expert | Sara Wilson shares her expertise on Ask the Expert”  a presentation hosted by the national Land Trust Alliance. Her topic is  “Focusing Board Energy:  “Out of the Weeds, On to Big Ideas” . A recording of the presentation is available courtesy of Land Trust Alliance-Midwest Program,  Heart of the Lakes, and Gathering […]

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9 Important Mid-Year Questions

Sara Wilson, CPCC | Mid-calendar year, a-l-r-e-a-d-y.  I hope you’re enjoying summer cook-outs, Frisbee golf, and vacations to new and exciting places.  I just got back from a wonderful week in Mexico! But summer isn’t all fun and travel.  Maybe your kids are home and you are juggling their activities and schedules. Maybe yard work […]

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Want to Increase Engagement?

Sara Wilson, CPCC |  A concern many individuals I coach bring up is a lack of engagement on the part of employees, team members or board members. Understandably this is a challenge for every Leader. You depend on people being engaged in order to achieve strategic goals and to accomplish day-to-day tasks. If you want […]

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Annual Planning: Don’t let the chaos keep you from leading

Sara Wilson, CPCC | I thought of calling this “Annual Planning in Times of Chaos” but realized times of turmoil can be times of great possibilities and growth.  The trick is to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the uncertainty.  One way to do this is to return to your annual plan. When was the last time […]

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