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The power of space in transforming yourself

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC |

Coach Sara blogging today. My social media feeds and my inbox is stuffed full of encouragement, tips to prioritize, yadda, yadda, yadda. In today’s post, I’m taking the Coach approach–asking you questions to connect to your values–rather than telling you what to do.

There is a collective energy in the air at this time of year –both of reflection and on a future focus. My personal practice is to set aside time to wrap up the past year and plan for the new. I’m taking time to set my intention and have a key word and motto for 2024. Serendipitously I am reading “Goodbye Things: The New Japanese Minimalism:” by Fumio Sasaki.


Where do you want to create space?


I picked up The New Japanese Minimalism from the library because my intention phrase for 2024 is “Create Space” and my word is Do. This aligns with the book’s focus which is no surprise – getting rid of things and retaining what you really need. That’s where my toss, file and delete is connected to the message of the book. One of many interesting points in the book is that organizing isn’t becoming minimalist. So neatly stacking or filing items doesn’t count folks!

I’m making space–mentally and in my office, files and home. Creating space. Decluttering. Letting go. While I do this annually, this year I’m being more cutthroat and it is especially invigorating. I am metaphorically creating a clean slate– and more room for “Do.” A person cannot transform without creating room for the new. A favorite saying of mine is insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.*

So what will I do differently this year to “make space”? What will you do differently?

I’m not going to refill the space. I’m creating space to gain energy from the openness and to have more freedom to “Do” activities that bring me energy, and to enjoy serendipitous moments.

My two questions for you:


  1. Where do you chose to create space in 2024?
  2. What personal value will have the chance to thrive by you creating space?


Wishing you space in 2024!


Are you stuck, overwhelmed, unclear on your priorities, unclear on how to be the leader you aspire to be? From my own experience I know that BEING MORE takes focused work. It’s challenging. It’s amazing. You can create a new beginning at any time. Check out my information on Coaching https://mayeswilsonassociates.com/coaching-services/ or email to arrange a short conversation.

*This quote is often misattributed to Einstein and may have several origins, one of which may be Rita Mae Brown’s 1983 book “Sudden Death.” 

We will not share your information