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Why hire a Coach?

If you want to reach your full potential, hire a Coach. Coaching is a transformational process to change personal lives and a mainstream professional development step for executives in the nonprofit and business world.  If you are “stuck” in an unsatisfying job or relationship; find that excuses get in the way of achieving your goals; want to increase your leadership skills, or change something else in your life – a Coach can help. Sara is a certified, experienced Coach!

Sara coaches leaders committed to “Being More.” Her executive coaching clients are current and emerging leaders committed to finding their voice, strengths and successfully navigating change.  They are you!

If you want to be more satisfied with your life, see areas of growth potential or areas you want to change in your life, you will benefit from coaching.


It’s important to understand the differences between these fields of practices. I am a Certified Coach and Consultant. I am not a therapist.

Coaching: Coaching helps individuals achieve the outcomes that create a fulfilling life.  It focuses on the future.

Consulting: Problem solving provided by an expert.

Therapy: Therapy is a process where an individual works with a trained healthcare professional, focusing on an individual’s past to diagnose and understand current behaviors and problems.

Why Sara as your Coach?

Credentialed and Experienced

ICR Credentials and Standards - Associate Certified Coach BadgeCertified Co-Active Professional Coach BadgeCoaching is unregulated; anyone can call themselves a coach. I am a certified coach through two accredited coach training programs. My certifications include a CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, from the Co-Active Training Institute accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and an ACC – Associate Certified Coach – certified through the ICF.  Both certifications require hours of academic training, coaching, training with a certified coach, passing a knowledge/skills competency exam and ongoing continuing education. I am a member of and follow the ICF Code of Ethics for coaches.

Passionate about Transformation

Coaching requires a mutual commitment to examine and explore the areas you want to change. You hold responsibility in the coaching process and in the outcomes. Realizing your full potential takes your focus and action.

I believe you are a creative, resourceful, and whole individual. My job isn’t to “fix you” or tell you how to live your life. My job is to keep asking questions until you really know what you want from life – your career, your partnerships, your world – and what will make you happy and productive. As your coach, I will guide you and support your goal-oriented efforts. My passion is helping individuals find their and align themselves with their passion.

Coaching Clients Results

Through coaching my clients have;

  • Developed leadership strategies
  • Created movement to get “unstuck”
  • Achieved health and fitness goals
  • Reconnected to personal and professional passions
  • Changed relationship dynamics
  • Set priorities and boundaries to achieve work–life balance
  • Implemented actions to achieve goals


  • Determined what to say YES and NO to for achievement of goals
  • Changed mindsets and removed roadblocks to goals
  • Taken action to resolve unsatisfying work/life situations
  • Discovered inner strengths
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Identified and learned tools to express authentic self
  • Become a more confident, effective leader
  • Successfully rebounded after a job loss

“Sara is an excellent listener and is intuitive about the things I wasn’t  saying. Through her questions I arrived at meaningful answers and am now directed toward life goals while remaining true to myself.”

“Sara got me on my path to taking action to address my job dissatisfaction and make changes. The result is a more fulfilling job and improved work–life balance.”

Our Coaching Relationship

Our work begins with an exploratory session to learn about each other, your goals and my coaching methods. Our sessions are typically by phone, video conference or, sometimes, in person. Sessions are designed for you to take responsibility for the change you desire. I will ask questions which will challenge your current mindset and perspectives.  Anticipate having work between sessions—exploration, reflection, implementing actions—to create movement toward your goals. Your outcomes will be the result of your willingness to be open minded, work hard and take action to create the results you desire. We will formalize our relationship in a written agreement.


Ready to Achieve Results?

Discover what you are capable of and create the life you desire with the help of me as your Coach. Let’s have a conversation.

We will not share your information