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Archive: November 2021

The secret to successful program evaluations

Julie Whelan Capell | I have created many program evaluations over my 30+ year career in nonprofits. Most of these have been evaluations of youth-serving programs like environmental education, arts programs done during school hours, and after school tutoring. And in my experience, the aspect of evaluation that is most often forgotten is getting buy-in […]

The upside of imposter syndrome

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | This week I want to return to the topic of Imposter Syndrome. It’s usually thought of as negative, but recent research shows there may be an upside. Basima Tewfik, assistant professor of Work and Organization Studies at MIT, found that some behaviors exhibited by imposters can actually help them outperform […]

Four Must-Knows about Gratitude

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | People spend more time per week working than with their families.* This being the case, it’s vital that people work in healthy, supportive environments. Instilling and expressing gratitude is a simple way organizations can increase employee job satisfaction. What is your organization’s culture around gratitude and appreciation? If you’re hesitant […]

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