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Don’t stop fundraising now!

By Julie Whelan Capell  |  In one month, we’ve gone from business as usual, to social distancing measures that have forced most organizations to cancel or postpone the special events, lunches and donor engagement activities essential to meeting end-of-year income goals. In this situation, it’s tempting to throw previous plans out the window, downsize fundraising […]

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Special events and coronavirus

Sara Wilson, CPCC |  Is COVID-19 affecting your upcoming special event?  Many nonprofits are having to make the decision whether to postpone, go virtual, or cancel altogether. Postponing an event may seem like a good idea, but figuring out a new date and venue, or rebooking a speaker may be more difficult than going virtual. […]

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If your board does this, fundraising will be easier

Julie Whelan Capell | Building a culture of philanthropy is possibly the best way to increase your board’s fundraising success.  I’ve seen this principle at work many times.  Show me an organization where the board sees fundraising as strictly a staff responsibility, where board members only care about fund development as a line item on […]

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Should I Tell My Funder My Program Failed?

Julie Whelan Capell |   Why are nonprofits so reluctant to tell funders when a program has failed? Do we not trust the funders to understand our situation? Do we think they will cut off our funding? Are we afraid they will lose faith in our organization’s ability to serve the community? In other sectors, […]

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Don’t Forget to Plan Your Fund Development Activities for the New Year!

Julie Whelan Capell | While you’re updating your annual plan through a “possibilities” lens, try doing the same with your fund development plan. Try these ways of reframing the exercise: 1)  Look at one or two organizations in your town that are very different from yours and see if there’s anything they’re doing that might […]

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Need Fund Development or Evaluation Support?

Julie Whelan Capell | New MWA Associate Julie Whelan Capell says “I’ve noticed that grants and evaluations can be pain points for many small organizations. At MWA we bring the expertise so you can focus on the things you are good at.” We’re pleased to formally announce a new Associate here at MAYES | WILSON […]

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