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Celebrate Earth Day in a new way

By Sara Wilson, CPCC | Earth Day during COVID-19 could really be an Earth Day. It is overwhelming when paying attention to statistics on deaths, unemployment, businesses teetering… In small print, there is environmental good news like global decreased air pollution, vegetable seed sales skyrocketing, more people walking and on a light note, dogs are […]

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How to celebrate Earth Day at a distance

By Sara Wilson, CPCC |  If you work for an environmental or conservation organization, you no doubt had some fun, in-person activities planned for April 22nd. Activities that now cannot take place due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders. What to do? Here is a list of ideas: Create a downloadable toolkit that parents and […]

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On Board, Committed to Community Service

Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee | The Urban Ecology Center “connects people in cities to nature and each other”.   Pursuing her passion for connecting people and nature, Sara is continuing her service on the Urban Ecology Center’s Board of Directors; she was first elected to the board in 2016. She co-chairs the Riverside Branch Advisory […]

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“Walking the talk”

Living Sustainably While living in U.S. Virgin Islands, I was in a community that valued water, and made use of every drop. In Milwaukee I wanted to commit to water conservation by investing in a water catchment and reuse system, assisted by grants from the Milwaukee Sewerage District. The Bike Path Building is a zero […]

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