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Archive: October 2021

A program evaluation that will show if you are making a difference

Julie Whelan Capell | You might think a program evaluation is all about counting numbers. Most nonprofits are pretty good at this! We like to count number of participants, number of acres, number of volunteers. But counting numbers is not a program evaluation. Numbers cannot tell us if our organizations are truly making a difference. […]

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Ever feel like you got where you are through luck?

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | Most people feel self-doubt at some point in their lives. When fear of being unmasked as not smart, talented, or gifted enough causes stress, that’s called “Imposter Syndrome.” I was recently asked to give a presentation on imposterism and leading with confidence. I thought about coaching clients who’d expressed variations […]

Can you afford to ignore fundraising ethics?

Julie Whelan Capell | Ethics are to fundraising what seat belts are to a car. You barely notice them until you hit a bump in the road. And then, if they’re missing, you’ll find yourself in a world of pain. I have often been asked if I would accept compensation based on a percentage of […]

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