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Archive: April 2023

Accountability vs Micromanagement – What’s your default?

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | In a conversation with a leader this week she said she was learning that accountability is not the same as micro-managing. Wow! What a great thing to learn. It also made me reflect on how many leaders–at all levels–struggle with holding themselves and other individuals accountable. It’s worth a minute […]

Are your listening skills as good as you think they are?

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC | I recently had a couple of experiences that got me thinking about how we can always work harder to improve our listening skills: During a conversation, rather than listening, I started thinking about how to respond. I was talking to someone and suddenly their phone’s email notification sound dinged and […]

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Who makes a better fundraiser: an introvert or an extrovert?

Julie Whelan Capell | I’ve been a fundraiser for a loooooong time–more than 30 years. In that time, I have heard many variations on statements like these: “Fundraisers are like used car sales people, they just talk at you until they wear you down” (that was my boss, the CEO of a large nonprofit. I […]

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