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Archive: March 2020

In times of financial crisis, call on your partners

Judy Krause | Contributed by Judy Krause, MWA Associate, Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional through the National Association of Nonprofit Accountants & Consultants (NPAC) The COVID-19 crisis is forcing every organization and business to reassess its financial plan, and nonprofits are no exception. You are making decisions daily about costs, people, programs, operations, and so much […]

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Tips on working remotely

Sara Wilson, CPCC  | Julie Whelan Capell With coronavirus forcing many employees to work remotely, and now even coffee shops limiting access, working at home is becoming the norm. We here at MAYES WILSON & ASSOCIATES are experts on this, so want to share our favorite work-from-home tools and strategies.  We’re a group of independent […]

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Special events and coronavirus

Sara Wilson, CPCC |  Is COVID-19 affecting your upcoming special event?  Many nonprofits are having to make the decision whether to postpone, go virtual, or cancel altogether. Postponing an event may seem like a good idea, but figuring out a new date and venue, or rebooking a speaker may be more difficult than going virtual. […]

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How to communicate to external audiences during a crisis

Sara Wilson, CPCC |  Today we are facing the proverbial hypothetical crisis that leaders always talk about preparing for. In case you are not prepared and are having trouble catching your breath while juggling staff, volunteers, constituents and events, accept that the virus isn’t going away immediately. As a leader in this time of crisis, […]

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What are you attached to?

Sara Wilson, CPCC |  On my recent trip to Africa, what began as a simple act of generosity turned into a surprisingly strong mental challenge that made me reflect on attachment. We can be attached to things, people, our self perceptions, the list goes on and on. It turns out my attachment was to a […]

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