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Beyond Busyness: Discovering Your Life Purpose

Sara Wilson, ACC, CPCC|

Coach Sara blogging today.

There are so many choices for how to spend our time. It’s easy to get caught up in doing one more thing at the office, scrolling social media, or bingeing a favorite streaming program. Do you often find yourself in the business of being busy? I certainly do and I realize it gets in the way of Who I Want To Be. When I catch myself, I ask: does the activity I am doing directly link to my PURPOSE?

Many of my coaching clients often come to our sessions with the question

“What is my purpose?”

Great question, I respond. It’s not a question any coach can answer for a client. Are you pondering that same question?

To find their purpose, some people listen to podcasts, others find a guru, but there is no holy grail. Someone else can’t give you a purpose. Your purpose is a drive that is deep inside and “wired” within you. You must invest time and energy to find your purpose. It requires connecting to your emotions, listening to the emotions (response) you have when you experience things, and using those emotions as clues to what resonates deeply (or does not).

Purpose in this context is different than having short-term goals, objectives, and tasks. The Purpose I am referring to is you taking the long-view.

Two questions to anchor you as you start to tackle this Big Life Question.

  1. What are your core values?
  2. What are you passionate about, really passionate about?

Answering these two questions is critical to finding your personal and professional life purpose. Why? Because without clear answers, it’s common to chase the “flavor of the day goal” — what someone else thinks, what social media blares at you, to simply spend your life being busy. BEING MORE happens when you are connected your Purpose which comes from clarity about what drives you from your core.

Why is finding your Purpose important?

Life is full of questions and paths one can take. From my experience, having the courage to find my purpose has helped me focus on work that is the most fulfilling. Having more clarity of Purpose helps me Be More and brings more meaning to my life. If you’ve never found your Purpose that really resonates or feel adrift without a rudder at this time in your life, go back to my two foundational questions.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” John F. Kennedy

We will not share your information