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Do This Now For Your Finances

Judy Krause, MWA Associate | It’s summer! Time to relax and find ways to rejuvenate. While finding time to refresh personally, now is not the time to lose focus on how your organization is performing financially. If your organization’s fiscal year matches the calendar year, you have recently entered the second half of your year. […]

10 financial questions every board member should ask

Sara Wilson | I’ve never seen a board member job description that says “don’t be a bobble head” but they should. I strongly advocate for board members to think critically and ask questions. In fact, board members have a legal responsibility–the Duty of Care–to make informed decisions, meaning they need to gather facts and ask […]

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In times of financial crisis, call on your partners

Judy Krause | Contributed by Judy Krause, MWA Associate, Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional through the National Association of Nonprofit Accountants & Consultants (NPAC) The COVID-19 crisis is forcing every organization and business to reassess its financial plan, and nonprofits are no exception. You are making decisions daily about costs, people, programs, operations, and so much […]

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