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Archive: July 2019

Does Your Nonprofit Board Have This Good Habit?

Sara Wilson, CPCC | During my 20+years of consulting, I have noticed one of the habits many high functioning nonprofit boards have in common is they routinely evaluate their performance through two lenses. First, as an entity, are we performing our responsibilities? And second, as individuals, are we fulfilling our job requirements and serving the organization as promised? Evaluating […]

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9 Important Mid-Year Questions

Sara Wilson, CPCC | Mid-calendar year, a-l-r-e-a-d-y.  I hope you’re enjoying summer cook-outs, Frisbee golf, and vacations to new and exciting places.  I just got back from a wonderful week in Mexico! But summer isn’t all fun and travel.  Maybe your kids are home and you are juggling their activities and schedules. Maybe yard work […]

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