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Archive: January 2021

Teambuilding and goal-setting go hand-in-hand

Sara Wilson | Teambuilding and goal-setting go hand-in-hand, so start the year by dusting off plans and setting new goals. Should you do this in the time of COVID? Yes, most certainly! Teambuilding and goal-setting are more important than ever, Teams who know each others individual goals have more clarity about how their goal contributes […]

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Strategic Planning Tips

Sara Wilson | What do you see at the end of your telescope?  What distant objects appear nearer, what lenses are you using and what objects are magnified?  As we begin a new time period (year, quarter, month) people and organizations often feel compelled to plan and focus their energy.  I’ve received several inquiries lately […]

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A new start

Sara Wilson | Surprise. Pivot. Adjust. Succeed 2021 has started with an event most of us would never have anticipated, and to say 2020 was a year of unending surprises is to state the obvious.  COVID instigated the largest mass pivot from old routines that I have seen in my 20+ year career of advising […]

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