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Teambuilding and goal-setting go hand-in-hand

Sara Wilson |

Teambuilding and goal-setting go hand-in-hand, so start the year by dusting off plans and setting new goals. Should you do this in the time of COVID? Yes, most certainly! Teambuilding and goal-setting are more important than ever, Teams who know each others individual goals have more clarity about how their goal contributes to the the organization’s strategic goals and mission impact, understand how individual goals dovetail with other goals and support a culture of  “we are all in this together” in a constantly changing situation. 

If you haven’t done goal-setting with staff, I have to ask why?  How are you measuring progress and creating an organizational culture without discussing goals? If you aren’t setting annual goals with staff, how are you achieving strategic goals? 

If you’re wondering how to get started, there are myriad ways. Here is a very simple 5 step process to set goals with your staff:

1. Review strategic plan. 

2. Have each staff member draft measurable goals for their program that relate to organizational goals.  These become the performance goals by which the individual will be evaluated.

3. Be sure goals are time-bound and specific (i.e. Do X by Z timeframe.) 

4. Review monthly or at least quarterly with staff using these questions: 

– How is it going?

– What is your progress?

– What are the hurdles?

-What do you need to achieve the goal; how can I help?

– Do we need to adjust the goal due to circumstances beyond our control? 

5. Provide praise for successes and support for needs.

As you can see, the process is straightforward. The twist is to bring in your organization’s culture.  One way to do that is to use “SMARTIE” goals, which add inclusion and equity to the usual goal-setting process. You can read more about SMARTIE goals here.

Repeat these 5 steps throughout the year for a motivated and energized team that works together to achieve shared organizational goals.  

If you need help with teambuilding and goal-setting, get in touch and we can chat about whatever issues you are experiencing.  Remember, you don’t need to face these challenges alone!

We will not share your information