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A new start

Sara Wilson |

Surprise. Pivot. Adjust. Succeed

2021 has started with an event most of us would never have anticipated, and to say 2020 was a year of unending surprises is to state the obvious.  COVID instigated the largest mass pivot from old routines that I have seen in my 20+ year career of advising nonprofits.  It’s been a hypercoaster ride with loops, spinning, and careening from one side to the other. We threw our hands up one minute and gripped for dear life the next minute.  Life and work were by turns scary, boring, maddening and sad. At times it was also exhilarating as we faced challenges and experienced the thrill of unexpected successes.  

We threw out old ways of doing things and tried new things. Pivot and pivot again, never throwing in the towel.  We persevered and more.

I am curious: 

-What did you let go of in 2020 that is bringing you freedom now? 

-What did you learn in 2020 that you want to bring with you into 2021?

-What value will you will lean into in 2021?

In addition to asking yourself these questions, you can ask them of your team members, friends and significant others.  You will have a rich conversation.  These are the types of questions I use in executive coaching to help clients lead value-focused and fulfilling lives and careers. Contact me for more information about my leadership coaching services.

We will not share your information