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Executive Directors v COVID fatigue

Sara Wilson, CPCC |

The “new normal” is impacting everything–individuals, families, nonprofits and for-profit business. Every leader I have spoken with is experiencing COVID fatigue in their professional life and home life.  It is overwhelming. Here are 5 actions you can take to help your organization, team and yourself. 

1.  Reach Out. The saying is “it’s lonely at the top.”  Being a leader is hard and it is even harder now.  Use a life line. Call me, or call a peer. You don’t have to be in this alone, even as a leader.

2.  Engage your board in short-term planning. Keeping your strategic goals in mind, answer these questions: Where are we headed in the next 3 months?  What financial plans /budgets need to be adjusted? How are we keeping in 

 contact with donors? 

3. Fail fast. Be prepared to adjust your 3 month plan.   

3. Update staff goals to align with the near-term plan and to adapt to  professional/personal demands they are experiencing.  

4.  Routinely make time for staff to connect during work hours about things other than goals and problems. 

5. Acknowledge that COVID fatigue is real.  Model self care. Model, rather than promote or encourage.  Strategies include realistic work hours, flexible work schedules; extra time off, and demonstrating appreciation. 

Remember, you aren’t alone. You can call me at 414-807-4319 or email sara@mayeswilsonassociates.com to listen, strategize and problem-solve.

We will not share your information