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Organizational Assessment
Land Trust Accreditation

Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas (GSA) had been through recent staff changes, including a new executive director, and was preparing to embark on Land Trust Accreditation. They asked MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES, LLC to evaluate their performance against Land Trust Standards and Practices and guide them through the accreditation process.  When GSA was ready to apply for Accreditation, the organization quickly realized they needed a guide for the complex process, and again called MWA. As a further follow-up, GSA asked MWA to write a case statement for the organization.


  • MWA conducted an organizational assessment and provided a list of identified areas that needed to be improved to meet Land Trust Standards and Practices
  • MWA managed the Accreditation application process, reviewed GSA’s responses to ensure questions were answered accurately and concisely and ensured GSA provided appropriate documentation.
  • MWA wrote a case statement including background on the region, background on the organization, needs statements for GSA’s signature projects, and language to use in donor communications.

RESULT | GSA was awarded Land Trust Accreditation.

“Having Sara, who is familiar with the accreditation process, as well as with more intense land trust operational experience, was invaluable.”

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