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Do your decisions make a difference?

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC |

It’s the everyday decisions that count. My mother gave me that life advice. At the time I didn’t realize the profoundness of the wisdom she was sharing.

Small decisions, big impact

One small but big impact decision I have to make daily is whether to hold time on my calendar to have movement in my day–swimming, a walk, etc. It’s challenging because it means prioritizing myself and fitness rather than other people and activities. Everyday I have to make the choice. Those everyday decisions to step away from my desk a few minutes add up to a good bit of exercise weekly. The benefit is I’m more focused and creative in my work and have a lot more energy.

The leader’s decisions affect the whole team

One of the leaders I coach puts in a ton of hours (I know you can relate!) and has for quite some time responded to emails after regular work hours. She realized that habit was not consistent with fostering a good work-life balance and being disconnected from her electronics during personal and family time. The leader decided to change the expectations of responding after work hours across the entire organization. She discussed the situation and proposed new response timing with staff and the board. The decision has enabled staff to focus on personal and family matters after hours, and not feel guilty about responding to emails the next morning during “standard” business hours.

Consider the choices you make throughout your day

Step back and consider the choices you make throughout your day. Are they, no matter how small, moving you in a direction that will bring you greater fulfillment in your life?

My coaching question for you: What decisions would you make if every decision–small or big–moved you one step toward your goals?

“Every decision you make reflects your evaluation of who you are.” ~ Marianne Williamson

We will not share your information