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Reboot to improve your crisis leadership skills 

Sara Wilson, CPCC |

Week six of COVID-19 and I see the toll on people’s faces and hear it in their voices.  People are worried. Tired. Stressed. Spinning their Wheels.  The reality is you are trying to work from home without the assets of the office,  juggling family demands and many things are uncertain.  You can’t transplant everything “before COVID-19” to today.  Time to reboot. And if you already did it once, read my tips anyway because you should probably reboot again if you want to be an effective leader in a time of crisis.

1. Adjust work priorities.  What is REALLY important right now?

2. Be Transparent. Share your work-life reality with your boss,  team members, spouse and clients.  Communicating what you can really juggle allows for realistic expectations, not to mention you become human to your peers.

3. Set Boundaries.  Figure out your work schedule. It’s easy for work to cross over into home life when you have an “away office” but now your office is in your space, all the time.  Close the computer and step away.

4. Be understanding.  How this situation affects every person is different. A little flexibility and kindness can go a long way.

5. Tap into your Superpower.  Whatever that is, use it and share it widely. We all need a little help right now.

6. Restart. Do you have a good habit that is on pause due to this situation? Everyone is a bit discombobulated. Take charge, make yourself a priority and restart.

We will not share your information