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Any moment is a good time to start Becoming

Sara Wilson, CPCC | 

I live in the Midwestern US where there is an effort to increase the monarch butterfly population because of the benefits they provide us and the planet. Two summers ago I “fostered” several monarch caterpillars through the phases of Becoming a butterfly.  The transformation was phenomenal. Each stage was fascinating and brought the larvae one step closer to the desired state of Becoming a butterfly. Each phase had its own challenges, ugliness and beauty.

To Become requires action. Before taking action, having clarity of purpose and understanding the desired end state is required.  We must put effort into knowing ourselves in order to Become.

Any moment is a good time to start Becoming.  So take a notepad, write down these questions and ponder them:

“What do I want to Become? 

“Why is that important to me?” 

Becoming is more than a set of goals (although there is nothing wrong with goals!).  If you really want to change, it’s imperative to connect with the values you will be honoring as you transform and ultimately Become.

The only constant in life is change.  Many of us actively avoid change, but successful people understand that change is inevitable.  They focus on being prepared for change, adapting to the new situation … or even helping to bring about change themselves!

What will you do today to move one step closer to Becoming?

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Max Planck, German quantum theorist and Nobel Prize winner

We will not share your information