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Change as a resilience strategy for leaders and teams

Sara Wilson, CPCC, ACC |

Normal. In the last couple of years there hasn’t been much normalcy. COVID forced us to change professionally and personally.

My clients frequently say they are having trouble going back to “normal.” It’s not unusual for there to be comfort in the past. But please don’t put your leadership or organization on the replay button.

Organizations that did adapt seem to be stronger, more resourceful and nimble. One emerging leader I recently interviewed for a team culture project was extremely proud that his organization continued and increased client services through a pandemic. “We learned more about each other, we tried new approaches. It was hard, really hard, but I am so proud of us for how we pulled together and served our clients even through key leader absences.”

Now perhaps more than ever in many of our professional careers we have a reason to say Wait. Let’s Redesign. Let’s Reimagine.

What if:

  • We evaluated overall staff satisfaction and work-life balance rather than just output?
  • We designed a more flexible work schedule because it is better for the individual and the organization?
  • We said YES to NOT adding more work when staff is at capacity?
  • We redesigned events that are really not sustainable?
  • We supported more family time by using technology rather than planes, trains and cars?
  • We involved our teams to design an awesome workplace culture?

If you need a reason to Reimagine just consider the last two years. Resilience comes from adaptation.

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We will not share your information