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How leadership coaching can help change your mindset

Sara Wilson |

One area my executive coaching clients often work on with me is their mindset about change.

We all have one — a mindset. In other words, a perception or attitude about something.  Today I want to talk about *change*. Merriam-Webster defines change as a) to make different in some particular way, *ALTER*; b) to make radically different, *TRANSFORM*; c) to *GIVE A DIFFERENT POSITION*, or direction to.

Those definitions resonate with me. For example, during the last two years I have changed my mindset about fitness by ALTERING habits, radically TRANSFORMING my attitude about exercise and giving a DIFFERENT PRIORITY to my health.     

How might you use the three definitions–ALTER; TRANSFORM; GIVE A DIFFERENT POSITION TO–to serve you? Here’s an example of how one of my executive coaching clients changed her mindset. 

The client, an executive who had been in the position for many, many years often asked me about new approaches to program delivery and the various elements of running an organization (boards, planning for the future, staff management, etc.).  New ideas were frequently met with strong resistance.  

“We’ve tried that.” 

“It’s never been done that way.”

“My team would never do that.”

You get the picture–a steady list of barriers.  The executive had a very strong mindset about change, or to be more accurate, about *not* changing. 

Then came COVID and the world the executive operated in changed drastically. External forces are necessitating new approaches. Technology is being used in new ways. New partnerships are developing. Programs are attracting new participants. The executive has new energy and sees new possibilities. Her mindset on change has changed.

Do you see yourself in the story? 

What is your resistance to change? 

What opportunities are you missing by not being open to change?

In addition to asking yourself these questions, ask them of your team members, friends and significant other.  

My executive coaching clients frequently seek me out when they want to *change* something–their career, their leadership, how they manage their team, their work and personal life balance…the list goes on.  If you are ready to delve into what you want to change in your life, check out my leadership coaching services or call me. I’m here to help.  

We will not share your information