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What Does a Dynamic Duo Have to do with Your Nonprofit Board?

Sara Wilson, CPCC |

Often, the roles of board president and executive director are described in terms of how they are different, with the board president focused on the future and the executive director focused on daily organizational management and program implementation.

But ideally, these two individuals act as a Dynamic Duo.  Together they are tasked with working toward fulfilling a common mission.  A strong partnership between these leaders not only helps the board and staff to understand each other’s needs and work more efficiently, but also sets the tone for interactions throughout the organization.

Therefore, one of the most effective organization-building investments the executive and board chair can make is in their own relationship. Here are four questions to help you decide whether your own Dynamic Duo is functioning at top capacity:

  1. Do you communicate regularly?
  2. Can you disagree constructively?
  3. Do you follow formal policies and procedures?
  4. Do you exemplify mutual trust and respect?

> Click here to download our resource on the Board Chair/ Executive relationship

And let me know the qualities that are key in your own Dynamic Duo!

We will not share your information